Poem The Bahamas

Poem: The Bahamas



The Bahamas is my home
I won't trade it for the world

The Bahamas is my abode
it's where the sun shines bold


The Bahamas is where I reside
and where the sea surrounds the pride!

The Bahamas is a place of dreams
and its islands are of historical fame


The Bahamas has been blessed
by peoples of the worlds' best

It is the islands of the multi-cultured
and the people are warm and historic


The Bahamas is protected by God
and Bahamians are thankful for his love

The Bahamas is a prosperous nation
thus, thanks to the father of creation


The land of the sun, sand and sea
oh my Bahamas, it will always be!




Copyright 2003, 2004 Dennis Arthur Dames

Nassau, Bahamas

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