Poem The Bahamas

Poem: The Bahamas



The Bahamas is my home
I won't trade it for the world

The Bahamas is my abode
it's where the sun shines bold


The Bahamas is where I reside
and where the sea surrounds the pride!

The Bahamas is a place of dreams
and its islands are of historical fame


The Bahamas has been blessed
by peoples of the worlds' best

It is the islands of the multi-cultured
and the people are warm and historic


The Bahamas is protected by God
and Bahamians are thankful for his love

The Bahamas is a prosperous nation
thus, thanks to the father of creation


The land of the sun, sand and sea
oh my Bahamas, it will always be!




© 2003,2004-2021 Dennis Arthur Dames

Nassau, The Bahamas

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