Poem The Peace to be

Poem The Peace to be




Where's the peace that civilization longs for?

Why must wars persist?

Fighting for hearts and minds...

Needing to control the mass of peoples and natural resources


Peace on earth remains a promise, as men fight and kill for supremacy...

And the right to rule and control

The spirit of love, under intense fire...

As communities burn in hate and isolation


The peace that was meant to be...

Is still prayed for and held in the highest esteem

There is a path away from the violence of man-

One that is searched for and wanted daily...

One that's forever a pillar of unrelenting faith, hope and love


Peace from heaven is lasting,

And good souls from the earth believe

The spirit of eternal joy has given his word,

Peace through salvation is the only way... 

Within hearts believing in better days


The world will survive through the peace of the creator...

No man shall have his way forever,

No matter how much he kills and terrorizes

The kingdom of unity will prevail...

Like no other experienced before


The master of love for all;

The savior of the world

The one who will end all conflicts,

And set up a throne of authority that is written...

Where songs of appreciation and adoration will be sung without interruption, forever!


The peace that was meant to be will come without notice...

Those who believe are ready to embrace it,

The haters, warmongers, and all other enemies of love and harmony-

Will be consumed by the peacemaker's joyous trumpet


The peace that awaits the faithful...

Indeed, is the most lasting and blessed,

It's the gift of eternal life and the faithful promise.




Dennis A. Dames©2003,2004-2021

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