Poem Sir Lynden Oscar Pindling

Poem: Sir. Lynden Pindling



Lynden Pindling was a great man
He was Prime Minister of a beautiful land

The Bahamas he ruled for 25 years
He became a Knight for his blood, sweat and tears


Sir. Lynden Oscar Pindling brought hope for the black man
And the white man worked with his clan
To build our envied Bahama land


Sir. Lynden was a giant of a man
Whose politics many could not withstand
But they understood his plan
To develop a land
Where blacks and whites have even hands


Sir. Lynden was not a perfect soul
But his legacy is one to behold
He loved his country and countrymen
He was a nation builder, amen!




©2003, 2004-2020 Dennis Arthur Dames

Nassau, The Bahamas

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