Poem Inspirational Love

Inspirational Love Poem





Wanting to love more and more

Inspired by the glory of enticing force

Positive living and mutual giving

The only way forward in romantic virtue


Surviving on loving with care

Always willing to increase my share

Investing in common intimacy

With the one so praiseworthy


I'm in love to love on

Thoughtful to the enduring plan

No regrets in maturing adoration

Increasing steadily in trusty enjoyment


Inspirational love to hold

Awesome story to be told

Lovers' life unfolds

Tale of two of priceless gold


Daily chapters of amorous days

Accounts of affection convey

A lover and a lover live on

Partners keen to durable bond


Inspired love of esteem

Model of contented dream

Ideal blending of resolute hearts

Enthused in lasting like superior art




©2004-2021,2022 Dennis A. Dames

Nassau, The Bahamas

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