Poem Bay Street Straw Market Fire 2001

Poem: Fire on Bay


The straw market fire 2001 Nassau, NP; The Bahamas



Fire on bay
on a 4th of September day
2001 is the year

Onlookers are watching in despair

The wind blowing from east to west
Fire spreading without regret

Straw vendors are affected the most
the straw market is becoming a ghost

Sadness in the eyes of the affected
Hope of saving much is rejected

The straw market is now history
tomorrow remains still a mystery

Vendors are now without stalls
Concerns are on the minds of them all

The tourists' dollar will be missed
all because of an arsonist

The tragedy has united the nation
People coming together for re-creation

Bigger and better is the talk
the ghost of the market past has to walk!



Copyright ©2003,2004-2021 Dennis Arthur Dames

Nassau, The Bahamas

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