Poem Expose Love

Poem Expose Love




Love's always a thought worth exposing

It is peace of mind and heart

It is the common denominator of peoples living in harmony

It is the source of true existence


Love is not hateful

Love is not warring

Love is unending

And it is the root of real spirituality


Love is like the beginning of a new day

It is always on time and energized with radiant light from the heavens

Love is like eternity

It has no expiry date


Love is like the eternal flames

It burns forever

Love is uncompromising

It is firm


Love is like a favorite song

Never forgotten and always alive

Love is the mother of civilization

Hate is its enemy


Love more and be loved

Embrace the gift like no other

Take advantage of the ultimate life's experience

And let love be your guide




© 2003,2004-2021 Dennis Dames

Nassau, The Bahamas

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