Poem E-mails

Poem E-mails



E-mails irritating continue to come
e-mails annoying- one by one
some are read
most are fast cleared


E-mails nauseating, who sent you?
Trash galore coming through
...in the garbage bin without delay
E-mails litter day by day


E-mail e-mails delivered safe and sound
e-mail e-mails all along
E-mail e-mails spamming through
e-mail e-mails for you and me too


E-mail e-mails, something finally worthwhile
e-mail e-mails- this I shall file
E-mail e-mails how did you find me?
e-mail e-mails with hidden fees

E-mail e-mails, who's baiting now?

E-mail e-mails- still tracking me how?
e-mail e-mails forever be
E-mail e-mails a culture so free!



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Nassau, The Bahamas


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