About Dennis Dames, Bahamian Webmaster, Writer and Poet

About Dennis Dames, Bahamian Webmaster, Online Publisher, Blogger, Writer and Poet

Dennis Dames - Bahamian Webmaster/ Poet

The Bahama Webmaster and poet provides Internet opportunities and poems from the islands of The Bahamas, with the native flavored touch. Many throughout our world enjoy the Bahamian thing via entrepreneurship or songs, and it is the pleasure of the island's Webmaster and poet himself to be along with others- displaying to the universe, what The Bahamas and its people are like through Networking, Business and odes for the heart and soul.

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Exactly who is the Webmaster and poet from Mount Pleasant Village, Nassau- Bahamas? He is Dennis Arthur Dames, born: January 17, 1966 to Wilmore and Shirley (nee Beneby) Dames. He is the 6th of 12 children, and was educated like most of his siblings- in the public school system of The Bahamas.

The poet has an active history of political and social activism in the islands. He is well known and appreciated for his leadership and efforts as President of the Student National Action Party (SNAP), at C.C.Sweeting Sr. High School in February of 1983 and months later, for better working and learning conditions for teachers and students alike. The human plight of the students at C.C.Sweeting Senior High at that time, and the intense demonstrations that were instigated as a result- are viewed as possibly the greatest students' revolt in the history of The Bahamas.

Since the students' uprising of 1983, the poet has been more of a politician than anything else, and was deeply involved in every general election since then: the 1987, 1992, 1997 and 2002 elections. Prior to the 1983 years, the poet as an unqualified voter- assisted in the 1977 and 1982 elections for the opposition candidate: Frank Watson- Carmichael constituency- who later became Deputy Prime Minister in two Free National Movement's (FNM) administrations. His new constituency became Adelaide due to boundary changes for the 1987 election.

In the 1987 polls in The Bahamas, the poet was a 'general' in the camp of the party leader at that time- Kendal G. L. Isaacs (FNM) who was later knighted. The constituency was Delaporte, and changes in the lines sent the poet's polling division aligning to the northwest rather than the previous southwest. Our opponent was Mr. Neville Wisdom, a Progressive liberal party faithful, and a master of the race card. In Delaporte, the FNM won the seat by a very narrow margin, but against the odds of racial scare tactics that almost worked.

By the 1992 election, the poet was chairman and campaign manager of the Free National Movements' election campaign in the Delaporte Constituency, and Kendal Isaac's last branch chairman as a Member of Parliament. The new party candidate was a political newcomer by the name of Mr. Floyd C. Watkins who served for ten years as the Member of Parliament (FNM) for the Delaporte constituency. Mr. Watkins was severely defeated in 2002 by no other than, Mr. Neville Wisdom (PLP). It was shocking to see a safely considered party seat go down in such a way. Mr. Floyd Clinton Watkins (FNM), enjoyed great victories in 1992, and 1997 respectively, beating all opponents by some of the greatest margins in those polls. Somewhere along the way, he lost touch, and a great party seat.

In 2002, the poet found himself with others aligned back to the southwestern end of New Providence island- Nassau, Bahamas- and in the Adelaide constituency. The FNM's candidate was no other than the Hon. Frank H. Watson, who was seeking a fifth term as the Member of Parliament for the great southwest Nassau. Mr. Watson lost to a newcomer, Mr. Michael Halkitis- a young and new bright PLP.

During the non-election years between 1983, and 1989 in The Bahamas- there were a number of vocal and powerful fringe political parties in their own right. There was the Rodney Moncur and Philip Miller's Workers Party (WP) that played an instrumental, and inspirational role toward the C.C Sweeting students' revolt on February 03. 1983. From that experience with Messrs Moncur and Miller in the front line of the students' effort, many of C.C. Sweeting Sr. High School and The Bahamas generally, are now more liberated and inspired than ever before. The friendship and connection with Messrs Moncur and Miller are continuous.

Then there was the Hubert Ingraham and Perry Christie's Third Force that was made out of their firings from The Pindling's Cabinet in 1984. Last, there was the Fred Mitchell's People's Democratic Force (PDF), that was created out of Perry Christie's return to his 'vomit' in 1989- and Hubert Ingraham taking the preponderance of the force with him to the FNM that year.

In all the foregoing political gatherings and experiences - plus many more that followed, Dennis Dames was present, and contributed to their good causes respectively.

Now, the Webmaster, Online Publisher, Blogger, Networker, Writer and Poet's focus is the advancement of all things Bahamian on the Worldwide Web through useful links and connections; via poetry and culture throughout the global and cyber villages of our planet. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy...

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