Poem Daughters

Poem Daughters



Delight and exultation fill my home

Because of the blessings my daughters bring

Thank God for his kind giving and rewards

Queens from heaven valued eternally


Fathers' inspiration and radiance

Enthusiasm and treasures of soul

Beautiful generations manifest

Girl's today... ladies of tomorrows' core


Daughters of the paternal fountain loved

Cosseted by duty and principle

Sisters of the society's support

Children deserving of esteem nonstop


Female relatives born to dignity

Valuing gifts of productivity

Sources of life's maintenance admired

Princesses of the enduring resource


Daughters of the world... heartening angels

Mothers, sisters, nieces... entire host

Equal inheritors of justice true

Other half of the sanctified culture



© 2003,2004-2021 Dennis A. Dames

Nassau, The Bahamas

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