Christmas Love Poem

Poem: Christmas Love



Reflecting on salvations' occasion

Man's redeemed because of the holy birth

God's promise of the lasting covenant

His only son for us imperfect souls


Christmas of the greatest gift forever

Liberation from death celebrated

Son of a virgin and the king of kings

Royalty of royalties, shining star


Emmanuel of harmony and love

Songs of praise welcome the bequest of life

Singing to God, master of compassion

The season illuminates thankfully


Sharing in joyful appreciation

Peoples believing gather in accord

Christ for the longing hearts, tears of light shine

Christmas of jubilance dominates fine


Reflections of sinners' fate rescued

Jesus the promise, Jesus the savior

Christmas tribute of sacrifice adored

Love of heaven evermore replenish



© 2003,2004-2021 Dennis A. Dames

Nassau, The Bahamas


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