The Unexplored Beaches of The Bahamas

Access to the natural environment of The Bahamas is becoming more welcoming and appreciated


The Unexplored Beaches of The Bahamas, The repopulation of the major Bahamian Islands and the Invaluable role of Sea Transportation

By: Dennis A. Dames


 An elderly Bahamian gentleman remarked recently, that the beaches of The Bahamas are so plentiful that it would take more than a lifetime of effort to explore them all.  That's no exaggeration as the average citizen of The Bahamas' archipelago; past and present‐ have never come close to experiencing the natural richness of the islands' beach spots.

 In so many countries of the world, the citizens thereof do not have the luxury of beaches, shorelines and sands, as do the people of the islands.  Many Americans for instance have to ride overnight or for days to get to a beach.  In The Bahamas, sun- sand and sea are not far away from any point.

  In the capital of New Providence Island, where the majority of the population lives, salt water is the cornerstone of social life.  Holidays and off times mean picnic, fish fry, boat rides, cruising along the coastline and other beach based activities for the majority of the population.

 Bahamians for the most part, are only recently beginning to discover what millions of foreign visitors knew for a very long time; and it is that there are more wondrous places to discover throughout their islands of The Bahamas, than just being consumed with life onwards in Nassau, New Providence Island.

 There is a strong national spirit of rediscovery in The Bahamas.  Bahamians are proceeding toward the economic, social and political roads of repopulating the major islands like Andros, Abaco, Eleuthera, Cat Island, Inagua and more.  The beginning of a nation wide ferry service is monumental and key to a closely connected and economically viable Bahamas.  It has been announced recently that positive progress is being made in that direction.

 The era exists in The Bahamas for easy reliable movements between the islands.  Air charter is also a lucrative proposition.  Access to the natural environment of The Bahamas is becoming more welcoming and appreciated.  Soon, the unexplored beaches of the islands will become more familiar to the Bahamian people and tourists alike, and the unacceptable overpopulation of Nassau shall be a past experience.

Dennis Arthur Dames

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