Bahamas Independence Poem

Bahamas Independence Poem






July 10, 1973

Sovereign, delightful and free!

The Bahamas, a promising new nation

It's people, jubilant and optimistic in its creation


As the Union Jack dissipates in celebration

The atmosphere was of peaceful liberation

Young and autonomous

A people embraced the challenge


Bahamians reside for evermore

A homeland rich in ambition to its core

Determined to self-rule

Deserving in opportunities and blessed


A country of Godly foundation

Constructed to stand the test of time

An independent archipelago of visionaries

Laws of righteousness to guide


Forward in dignity

Upward in unity

Together in purpose

Lasting in positive resolve


Bahamians of love

Conquering the vices

Remembering the golden opportunity

Of self-determination and victory


Relishing in foresight and accomplishments

Conquering the foes of mediocrity and regression

The road to nobility and prosperity;

Seekers abound in our Bahama land


Independence to eternity

Keeping the faith of our insightful forefathers

Bahamians remember always the reason,

Residing with our unique identity


In golden sunshine and inspirational breeze,

In fertile ocean, and valued rain

On soothing sand, and magnificent seashores

Blessings are countless, and gifts endless


Independent Bahamas, for generations unending

Thanking God for his outpouring love

Bahamians of exceptional heritage

Upholding the faith of nationhood and deliverance





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Nassau, The Bahamas

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